By 15 March 2017Rent Roll, WA

This rent roll located in the rapidly expanding coastal strip close to Rockingham, is being offered for sale due to the Principal’s interstate re-location. This  rent roll is ideal to   add to your existing portfolio to boost cashflow and profitability.

The rent roll of  115 properties generates annual management fees of $220,000 is split between a net and all inclusive management fee collection basis.

The breakdown of the  rent roll is:

The portion of the portfolio on the Net Collection Basis features:
75 Properties
Annual Management Fees: $113,000 net collections
Average Monthly Fees: $9,416 net collections
Average Weekly Rental: $363 per property
Average Management Fee: 8.08% net plus ancillary fees.

The portion of the portfolio on the All Inclusive Collection Basis features:

40 Properties
Annual Management Fees: $107,000 gross collections
Average Monthly Fees: $8,900 gross collections
Average Weekly Rental: $356  per property
Average Management Fee: 14.42%

Asking Price:

$520,000- Rent Roll

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